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This Marine Just Obliterated Obama’s Farewell Speech…It’s A Patriotic Beatdown!

The farewell speech of the 44th President, Barack Obama, was exactly what we expected:

A defensive, frightened, and alarmist message to beware of the new people in charge and mind your children, because they will be in mortal danger from all the lurking monsters that will snatch them up at unawares.

It was Obama at his most intimidated and cowed. Who could blame him, really? We’re talking about a man who never really ran a business, who never employed a single person without draining the taxpayer’s wallets, and who never really had a legitimate job. “Community organizer” on your resume is mighty suspicious to a real employer who is thinking about giving you a job based on trust. And yet, this man was elected to be our president.

Like most Leftists, Obama detests America’s achievements and its rank in the world as a leader in democracy and all that goes with that responsibility. He has sought over these many years to diminish this great nation by subtle racist innuendo and by transferring some of his own inner struggles with his father’s inadequacies onto the American public through false accusations of white privilege, bigotry and hatred.

The funny part? As Rush Limbaugh noted, few people even noticed in the wake of all the Donald Trump news. But if you missed it, like many did, and would like to check it out, here you go-

Now, a US Marine, who identified himself merely as “J”, wrote a letter directly to Obama through Yes I’m Right. In it, “J” details exactly why Obama’s legacy is destined to be forgotten; an inconsequential footnote in history.

Here is the opening of the letter:

“Mr. President,

For the first time, I can say that I’m proud of my country. No, these aren’t my words, they’re the words of your wife when you took office in 2009. This set the tone for the kind of President you’d be, and the kind of legacy you left behind.

Your speech to your adoring fans screaming ‘Four more years!’ makes for a good sound bite and video clip, but it doesn’t paint the picture of the tens of millions of regular Americans that voted you in twice and gotten stabbed in the back for it.

You stood in front of hundreds of veterans and promised that their lives would be better after you took office, that they would get the care that their country owed them. Eight years later, the VA is more broken than ever and my brothers and sisters in arms are committing suicide at an all time high. You ignored the advice of wartime Generals and pulled troops out of an unstable country and gave rise to ISIS, the most evil group of people on the planet. This is your legacy.

The young Marine goes on and one, listing one narrative after another and picking it apart to expose its truth, every one of them ending with “This is your legacy.”

Issues such as the mounting debt, radical Islamist terrorism, Black Lives Matter, contempt for Christianity while upholding Sharia Law in honor, Obamacare, and his many golf outings are mentioned with sadness and resignation of a terrible eight years for just about everyone.


“In ten days, a new President will take up residence in the White House and your eight years of unconstitutional executive orders that sets violent criminals free, disastrous economic policies, and weak foreign policies will be erased.

You will be the President that will be remembered by those too young to know any better, not as a champion and protector of our rights and Constitution, but as a celebrity.

Everything you’ve done to this country over your eights years will be wiped from the history books, and your legacy, as much as it hurts right now, will be nothing more than a distant memory.

I wish you farewell, and I’m hopeful for the future of my country, which just proved that it deserves someone better than you.”

“J” is a proud American and an amazing young man who didn’t think about himself or his peers before penning this stunning letter. He thought about his own legacy, as a Marine. I personally applaud his forthright stance and thank him for his worthy service to our country!

From one Army Dog to this Marine Jarhead, Hu-aaaa! Give ’em Hell!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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