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BOOM! Mattis, Trump Just Annihilated ISIS PIGS With One FINAL Deathblow…Total VICTORY Is Near!

President Obama had 8 years to take ISIS out of power.

But he was either entirely ineffectual or worse, he had little interest in battling terrorism.

Claiming the terror organization which had humiliated the Obama administration over and over was just a “JV team,” the former president couldn’t even put a dent in this terrifying criminal organization.

Enter Donald J. Trump.

In a few short months, with the expert leadership of Mad Dog Mattis, ISIS is not only on the run, but they are in complete disarray.

And now the newest initiative authorized by the president has set in motion the events that will, according to Mattis, turn around the entire war on ISIS.

Independent Journal Review:

“On the campaign trail, he said he “would bomb the sh*t out of” ISIS.

Then he made good on his promise after the MOAB was dropped in the Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan.

Additionally, the Trump administration is arming the Kurds in Syria for an offensive on Raqqa, ISIS’s first headquarters, while also providing support for the Peshmerga as they go after ISIS in Mosul, Iraq.

With Secretary of Defense James Mattis at the helm of the fight against the terror group, ISIS is scrambling to regroup and fight back.

And according to Mattis, President Trump is the one person should be thanking for it.


The Washington Examiner reported that:

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is crediting changes in tactics ordered by President Trump for increasing the pressure on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and leaving the beleaguered fighters with no avenue of escape.

‘He directed a tactical shift from shoving ISIS out of safe locations in an attrition fight to surrounding the enemy in their strongholds so we can annihilate ISIS,’ Mattis said Friday during a Pentagon briefing on the counter-ISIS campaign.”

ISIS is responsible for the deaths of thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands.  That is on Obama and Hillary.

Now the clean-up has been delegated to Trump and Mattis. And with the help of some amazing new technology, our enemies are running scored.

Now our children will be safer…thank God.

Sources:  Independent Journal Review, The Washington Examiner

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