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Insiders Dig Up Maxine Waters’ FILTHIEST Skeleton…It’s The ONE Secret She Wanted Hidden Forever!

Maxine Waters is the Mother Of All Blabbermouths (MOAB), even more so than Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

It’s a little funny that she’s feeling the backlash from those she proposes to support, but she does enough damage to herself.

Much like Pelosi, she has a way of screwing things up in the public forum.

And when we start digging around in her past…well, things get even thornier.

Waters was hitting the circuit hard last week as she went on show after show throwing around the “I” word and intimating about Trump’s collusion with Russia.

The California Representative even went so far as to taunt political opponents by demanding that if they didn’t believe her to “follow the money.”

So, some enterprising young internet sleuths decided to do exactly that.  What they found was astounding.

Conservative Tribune:

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