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WATCH! Maxine Waters Says 1 VILE Thing About President Trump, Then Someone Rushes The Podium…

We’ve all seen the insanity from the Left and how it seems to be contagious.

All it takes is one of them to espouse some craziness and, like a virus, the rest are infected. And it has been spreading like mad for decades.

But in reality, the Democratic Party is floundering and it doesn’t help that “leaders” like Nancy Pelosi are obviously compromised.

Then you’ve got Old Faithful, Maxine Waters, spouting her nonsensical rants every hour on the hour, only to be ripped to shreds days later.

Like most liberals these days, she just can’t stop shooting herself in the foot. After accusing Trump of collusion with Russia, fact-finders discovered that plenty of Russian money went straight to Waters.

Maybe even Democrats just want her to stop talking now.

Recently, the woman who is called Murky Waters by Michael Savage was speaking at the African-American Caucus at a convention center where it was sitting room only.

Then something happened…

MAD World News:

While speaking at the African American Caucus, her own staffers were ordered to cut her mic by the Democrats in charge.

Her rhetoric about President Donald Trump was so insane, they ran up and cut her off mid-sentence.

Waters was in the midst of another Trump-bashing speech when she was cut off by someone who, initially, was thought to be part of the convention center.

But leaders of the Democrat Party ordered the “dead mic” and really, we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, people like Waters and Pelosi have done irreparable damage to the Party of the Left.

And of course, there’s nothing liberals hate more than being made to look foolish.

At this point, after countless Waters rants, even Democrats have had enough of the Mother Of All Blabbermouths.

Source: MAD World News

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