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Maxine Waters Nails White House With Obscene Insult – Even Trump Can’t Believe This Filth

The story currently dominating the headlines are the happenings in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.

The Left is salivating at what happened, running with false and deceptive narratives that the majority of folks will eat up hook, line, and sinker.

Many leftists are using the opportunity to trash Trump and conservatives at large, saying that the president and his advisor Steve Bannon are white supremacists that need to be thrown out of the White House.

Of course, there’s zero evidence to support these claims but with all the hysteria surrounding the Charlottesville incident, the masses are keen to believe the media’s narratives.

Shocking no one, leftist Rep. Maxine Waters has once again lashed out at Trump in exactly the way you’d expect from someone who is a career race-baiter and evidently has no other platform.

Seriously, she’s capable of turning everything into a race issue and when the issue actually DOES involve race…well, she comes completely unglued.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, Waters aired her grievances on Twitter in the aftermath of the violent protests saying:

Finally, after going completely off the rails, she added the worst insult yet:

Some keen insight as always, Maxine.

It’s funny how leftists have completely ignored the violence perpetrated by their comrades all during the campaign and in the months since.

Conservatives have been beaten in the streets and have had their businesses and cars vandalized but as usual, liberals have very short memories when it comes to such things.

Furthermore, because “Nazis” and “white supremacists” were involved this weekend, it’s impossible to get proper context and the truth about what actually happened.

Because everyone on both sides of the aisle, when those words are mentioned, immediately shut off their brains and refuse to actually do some research, as they’re too eager to denounce the accused rather than look at the facts.


This, despite videos clearly contradicting the Left’s narratives, showing the Antifa thugs attacking the evil white-folk thanks to “security” pushing those protesting the removal of the Confederate monument into the crowd of club wielding leftists.

The Left wanted violence to erupt because they knew who would be blamed, even if evidence showing it was the leftists that instigated it exists. Rational thought is just out the window here.

I would encourage everyone to get on YouTube and watch the long, raw videos of the event and see for yourself what actually took place and try to understand why things turned out the way they did.

Don’t shy away from the pursuit of truth just because white supremacists and Nazis were involved and you’re afraid of being lumped in with them for the sin of trying to learn the truth.

The truth, which you will never get from the mainstream media, is ultimately what matters. And you’ll have to find it for yourself.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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