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Chicago Mayor Gives 1 Giant Middle Finger To Taxpayers…And Gives Illegals ANOTHER Freebie!

So, shall we talk about Chicago and how it has absolute worst homicide rate in the country?

How about the poverty levels? Or maybe the pathetic graduation rates? What about the rampant unemployment?

On top of it all, race relations is at an all-time low and police face gang threats where assault-style weapons are being used against them.

Yes, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a full plate when it comes to problems.

What problem should he be working on next? Political corruption? Pollution levels in the water? Infrastructure? Major corporations leaving the city because of high taxes?

No. Mayor Emanuel wants to talk about illegal immigrants and refugees getting more and better taxpayer-funded welfare and social services.

You know, like how Cook County Prison inmates can now get pizza delivered directly to their cells. ‘rolling eyes’


“Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration in Chicago launched a pro-immigration, pro-foreign refugee campaign designed to help get newcomers to the U.S. on public services.

The ‘One Chicago’ campaign is designed to ‘facilitate access’ of public services to foreign refugees, legal and illegal immigrants.

The campaign highlights the city’s legal defense fund, in which illegal immigrants can receive taxpayer-funded attorneys in order to fight deportation orders in immigration courts.


The organization the city has teamed up with to help illegal immigrants and foreign refugees is the Resurrection Project, which is vehemently opposed to any reforms or halts on immigration.

The efforts by Emanuel to further obstruct cooperation with the Trump Administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on immigration issues come just as the City has refused to reverse its sanctuary status for illegal immigrants.”

Hey taxpayers, I have a question:

Would you rather more of your paycheck go towards helping ILLEGAL individuals, or do you need that money for, say,  your child’s education?

THIS is why we love President Donald Trump’s new budget proposal, which slashes a whopping $1.7 TRILLION from entitlement programs.

It needs to happen. Obviously.

Source:  Breitbart

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