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SHOCK – McCain Steps WAY Over The Line, Falsely Accuses President Trump Of…

After the U.S. sent a flurry of missiles into the heart of Syria, many world leaders applauded.

Plus, we learned shortly afterward that the Trump administration has far-reaching and more ambitious plans for that troublesome country. Yep, Assad better be worried.

It may be the only solution to the problem in that part of the world.

And as we all know, the missile bombardment was in response to a chemical gas attack on Syrian civilians that Trump said “should never happen.” Syria did this. We all know Syria did it.

And when a 7-year-old boldly asks Trump to “help save the children,” you have to figure our new commander-in-chief is doing the right thing. Sometimes, conflict is the only way to SAVE people.

But Senator John McCain apparently doesn’t care about Assad or the rebels or Syria. He cares about making slanderous domestic accusations.

Honestly, McCain must be one of the Democrats’ best friends. He’s certainly no friend to conservatives, nor is he loyal to the president who happens to be from his own party. Where DOES his loyalty lie, anyway?

Clearly not with POTUS. Or the U.S.

Here’s the quote that illustrates much of what is wrong with John McCain, via Allen B. West:

“On CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ this morning, he argued that ‘I think it [the Trump administration] probably was partially to blame [for the gas attacks].'”

Seriously, Democrats must love this guy. Part of their strategy for winning in 2018 should be to just keep McCain talking.

Illustrating why he is unfit for any leadership position, “McCain also rejected a statement by Tillerson that the U.S. needs to prioritize defeating the Islamic State in Syria before trying to stabilize the country.”


Matt Palumbo at West’s site hits the nail on the head:

“Next to the Syrian government, ISIS controls the largest amount of territory in Syria. Who in their right mind would want to fight ISIS’ greatest foe in the region before ISIS themselves?”

Palumbo answers that question by saying, “John McCain, apparently.”

Of course, he’s assuming that the senator is in his right mind.

The man behaves like a publicity whore, forever seeking the media spotlight. Of course, the mainstream media, always eager to make conservatives and Republicans look bad, love to give him airtime when he is attacking President Trump.

It makes you want to wring the necks of the Republicans in Arizona who consistently – and stupidly – nominate him for reelection.

Sources: Allen B. West, Politico

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