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Media Slams Melania For Doing Something ‘Horrifying’ – And Michelle Did It Every Damn Day

In its desperate attempt to find anything to use to criticize the Trump administration, the leftist media has launched another inane attack.

“Trump Women,” the hypocritical liberal media’s “tolerant” label for Republican females in this country, are apparently going to drag women back to the days of sexual slavery.

How, you might ask?

Oh, they’re being women. You know, wearing items that women wear. One item in particular has triggered an outpouring of hate from the mainstream media, and it’s just beyond comprehension.

Not only is it downright absurd and beyond petty, but they must all have amnesia…because former First Lady Michelle Obama wore these “symbols of sexual slavery” basically every damn day.

That’s right, we’re talking about high heels.

Yes, this somehow demonstrates the sexism of the President Trump as well as represents an assault on women from those on the right.

Here’s Newsweek’s ridiculous interpretation:

Talk about poorly researched.

Not only has Melania Trump and White House staffers worn high-heeled shoes, but so has the majority of women, liberal and conservative.

And by the way, the whole discussion becomes even more absurd when one considers a piece of information that would contradict Newsweek’s theory, even if it had some basis in fact.

I mean, this is just priceless.

“In-depth Independent Journal Review research, however, reveals that the Trump women are not the first women to wear heels in the White House.

“The odd condemnation-turned-insult of Trump women fashion was oddly never applied to our former first family.

These shocking images below of Michelle Obama [that appear in the original IJR story], normalizing heels for working women in the Obama era, surely also added to the ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ future of our country, correct?

“Newsweek will be stunned to learn about what Michelle Obama has done.

“Please send Newsweek this article so it can print a correction calling Michelle Obama ‘horrifying’ as well.”

And with that inane story by Newsweek now debunked and dispensed with, might we get on to something that is of real importance?

Or is Newsweek not interested in real news, having decided that women’s fashions regarding their choice of shoes deserves a place of prominence in their publication?

Or maybe they should just issue an apology and retraction, and admit that this is the most pathetic attempt yet to smear Conservatives?

I wouldn’t hold my breath for the last option, though.

Source: Independent Journal Reivew

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