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Massive Media Scandal Erupts…HUGE News Network Caught Spreading Fake News! Unbelievable!

Oh, this is just TOO funny.

Once again, the whole fake news mud-slinging has taken an unfortunate turn to the left and swept one of their own into the web of accusations.

The mainstream media tries so hard to prop itself onto this podium, from which they can look down on all the conservatives in the country and call them stupid, pointing to radical right-leaning blogs and unqualified news organizations, like Fox News, for instance, as reason for their stupidity.

And recently, one mainstream technique has been to paint any news outlet that doesn’t tout the leftist line as a “fake news” organization.

But it’s not pretty when one of their own gets outed as a pusher of fake news, is it?

As Louder With Crowder wrote:

“There’s one thing in this world that leftists are absolutely sure of. Hint: it’s not their gender. They’re certain that Russians are executing a cyber-Red Dawn on the good ole U-S-of-A. You know, in between swigs of vodka and shopping for Adidas tracksuits. According to them, the series of cyber attacks are what cost Hillary Clinton the election.”

How true. It’s about all we’ve heard about for a forgotten number of news cycles, right? They just never, ever shut up about it.

But the left’s left behind the facts.

“The Washington Post has retracted its story about Russian hackers penetrating the nation’s electricity grid with a virus found in a Burlington, Vt., electric company laptop.”

Oops. Guess the Post was a bit too busy with the accusations to take the time to fact-check.

Or, in the language of the left: Fake News!

“There you have it, another case of complete wrongness from the Washington Poo,” Louder With Crowder said, noting this isn’t the first time the same newspaper forgot to fact-check before going to print with the false rumors. “Yeah, the media isn’t doing itself any favors.”

True that.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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