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Melania Takes A MASSIVE Sledgehammer To Her Enemies, The First Lady Will NOT Tolerate…

President Donald Trump has a business background of waging and fighting legal battles with vigor.

And apparently, the husband’s apple doesn’t fall far from the wife’s tree.

Melania Trump’s mettle has already been tested several times; for instance, when the Girl Scouts wrote up that insulting petition, which was beyond idiotic.

Then came one of the worst insults we’ve ever heard, straight from disgusting liberal Chelsea Handler’s dirty mouth, So Melania knows what it’s like to be under fire.

But she’s got lots of moxie and she WILL fight back.

Example: Mrs. Trump has just won step one of a suit she’s filed against a blogger; the backstory is a bit shocking, if you hadn’t heard:

As Breitbart noted:

“First Lady Melania Trump has won the first round in a $150 million lawsuit she filed against a blogger who called her a ‘high-end escort’ and the British Daily Mail newspaper that repeated the false story.”

Mrs. Trump filed suit in Montgomery County, Maryland, alleging Webster Tarpley, a writer living in Maryland, libeled her by labeling her in print a prostitute. The Daily Mail then picked up the story and repeated it (via Politico).

Lawyers for the Daily Mail and for Tarpley sought a dismissal of the suit, claiming the word prostitute wasn’t even used, but rather “escort.” But Mrs. Trump won on that point.

“Judge Burreel said that it seemed pretty clear that ‘high-end escort’ can be construed to mean ‘prostitute,’ and by that understanding there was enough to justify a charge of libel.”

It’s not clear if the judge – who is female and who called the characterization of Mrs. Trump as a prostitute the most “defamatory statement” you could make about a woman – included the Daily Mail in the ruling that allows the case to continue. The newspaper is, after all, a foreign entity.

But she was strict on Tarpley. In the end, it’s going to be an argument over the First Amendment.

Celebrities have traditionally had a tough time proving libel in court, mostly because the standard includes intent. In other words, those suing have to show the supposed perpetrator of the libel not only purposely printed something that was false, but did so with intent to cause harm.

On top of that, the First Amendment was written in order to protect the people and the press from government clamp-downs on free speech, but in particular, free political speech. The fact Mrs. Trump is a political figure makes her libel accusations all the tougher to win in court.

Even so, this sends a very clear message: “I will NOT be taken advantage of, I will NOT be bullied, and I will NOT tolerate slander and libel.”

And we still love watching her genuine emotion during that stirring inauguration performance

Source: Breitbart, Politico

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