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Here’s How Melania Made Michelle Look Really, REALLY Bad On Easter Sunday

The Trumps continue to replace the Obama crassness with grace and dignity.

And as we can see from White House Easter celebrations, with some fun in a traditional American atmosphere.

Remember that word, fellow Americans? Traditional? And remember when Melania Trump started a speech with a prayer, which REALLY ticked off liberals?

Oh, we shouldn’t be surprised. This is a REAL First Lady.

Furthermore, please recall that both Barack and Michelle Obama frequently expressed disdain for traditional American culture, going to the point of verbally ridiculing it as well as expunging it from every event possible.

In contrast, the Trumps love America and its culture, and they are happy to celebrate it whenever possible.

While the mainstream media expected a fiasco as Melania planned this year’s Easter events at the White House, she clearly upstaged the Obamas who spent the day partying on a millionaire’s yacht.

Melania is one of the classier ladies out there, and Easter proved yet again that the Obamas had nothing to offer compared with the Trumps.

Even the Washington Post had to admit the the event was a success. Yep, the Washington Post.

“Despite concerns that the event might not be well planned, all seemed to go off without a hitch. It was lower key and less flashy than in years past.

The first lady’s spokeswoman said she wanted to focus on the more traditional aspects of the longtime Easter Egg Roll,’ reports Washington Post, one of the Obama’s favorite go-to media outlets.

Melania’s events were family-friendly and fun without the gross political overtones that often accompanied Obama’s events.

“Melania decided to go with the Marine Corps Band and Christian musicians called ‘Martin Family Circus.’

She had the traditional egg roll game and a section where kids could listen to President Trump read them stories.

The atmosphere was family friendly and not over the top, just plain fun with lots of mingling with the First Family.”

The Trumps also opened the events up to average, everyday citizens rather than using it as another tool to mingle and reward the rich and famous.

The contrast between the two families could not be more stark.

“So, while Michelle Obama was busy taking selfies and sipping champagne on Easter, Melania and the president went to church and ate Easter dinner with their family.”

Yes, Melania Trump, who has been attacked and slandered by hypocrite liberals for months, continues to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye. She’s just doing what a great First Lady SHOULD do.

Once again, the Obamas have been utterly outclassed by the Trumps.

Sources: Mad World News, The Washington Post

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