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Melania Does Something Michelle NEVER Did… And INSTANTLY Becomes An Internet Darling!

There’s an ocean of difference between President Donald Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama.

While the left recognizes that fact and bemoans it on a continual basis, those who love our country and those who have given their lives in its defense have an entirely different viewpoint.

They rejoice in the positive changes the Trump administration has brought to our proud military.

Right now we have the confluence of Mother’s Day and National Military Appreciation Month.

It’s an interesting coincidence in that mothers, some of whom are married to military personnel and others are their mothers, bear a tremendous burden in seeing their husbands and sons and daughters go off to battle.

Therefore, it is entirely appropriate and a credit to the president and the first lady that they would spend a significant part of Mother’s Day celebrating with those who serve.

In what gave every impression of heartfelt and sincere feelings, President Trump remarked to those present (via Breitbart):

“We want to thank you. Believe me, we want to thank you.

To all of the military families here today, thank you for your daily service to your families, and equally as important, to our great, great nation.

And we have a great nation, and it’s getting stronger every day.”

After promising to increase support for the armed forces of the United States, the president turned the proceedings over to First Lady Melania, who made some very poignant remarks:

“As everyone in this room knows, mother is a title that claims your heart and changes your life forever.

U.S. first lady Melania Trump hosts an event for military mothers on National Military Spouse Appreciation Day May 12, 2017 in Washington, DC.

In fact, it has been said that having a child means allowing your heart to walk around outside of your body.

For the mothers of someone who has or is serving our country, this must be especially true.

As you all know, I, too, am a mother.”

She then concluded with:

“In closing, I want to say God bless our troops and the courageous men and women who are also your sons and daughters and God bless you, dear mothers, for all that you sacrifice so that your children may keep this country safe.

Have a happy Mother’s Day on Sunday. God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.”

Thank you President Trump and First Lady Melania for showing the rest of this country and the world how it’s done.

And once again, Melania has proven her class and dignity…how does she stack up to Michelle, in your estimation?

Source: Breitbart

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