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Despicable: Melania Trump Shocked By SICK Accusation…Democrats Are SHAMELESS!

First Lady Melania Trump has been walking around with a target on her back ever since the inauguration.

The Girl Scouts went and filed one of the most disgraceful, hypocritical petitions we’ve ever seen, and that was really just the beginning. In fact, things only got worse from there.

Remember liberal talk show host Chelsea Handler saying she wouldn’t interview Mrs. Trump because she “couldn’t even speak English?”

Now, more nastiness.

Let’s start with California State Senator Nancy Skinner…remember this name.

Skinner is the representative for the 9th Senate District which encompasses the East Bay. Here are some of the issues that she stands for:

1. Increase Taxes on Super Rich (which means anyone earning over $100K a year)
2. More Tax Dollars for Schools
3. More Taxes on Products Bought on the Internet
4. More Tax Dollars for Energy-Saving Schools
5. More Tax Dollars for Solar Energy
6. More Tax Dollars for Wind, Geothermal, other Renewable Energies
7. More Tax Dollars to combat Climate Change
8. Anti-Gun Laws
9. More Anti-Gun Laws

Okay, so you get the picture here. She’s an ultra-Left-Wing Liberal. More taxes, more taxes, more taxes, less guns and…oh, yeah…more taxes!

Now that you’re more in tune with what Nancy Skinner stands for, you’ll excuse her if she has to run to the nearest shrine of St. Barack and bow down to whisper a quick prayer to the Almighty Savior for shielding California from any offensive laws over the past eight years.

Breitbart (via recent Politico interview):

“California State Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) is renewing a demand to see First Lady Melania Trump’s immigration papers — an issue Democrats first raised during the election campaign.

Skinner expanded on her demand in an interview with Politico this week: ‘No one in the Trump operation has released any of the documentation to indicate what was the circumstance, or whether she had full legal status. … We only know they had a lawyer look at whatever papers she chose to give.’

In 2010, when Arizona passed a controversial immigration law that allowed state and local law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of anyone stopped for another valid purpose, Democrats — especially in California — objected that it empowered local police to ‘demand your papers.’ That, they said, conjured images of the Nazi Gestapo.”

Just in case you missed it, the Democrats have introduced their own twisted version of the “birther controversy”. We’ll call this the “migrant controversy”.

Skinner is one of a number of Democrats who have decided that their expertise in taxes translates to a sudden special comprehension of immigration law. Maybe Melania should level another defamation lawsuit…because again, this is beyond insulting.

Anyone who thinks for one moment that there weren’t one-billion questions asked of Trump about these issues during his campaign by his own handlers is QUITE ignorant of what it means to run for President of the United States.

To sum up, here is Nancy Skinner’s contact information, just in case you have any compelling questions or comments for the State Senator.

Maybe you could also ask her about the liberal reaction when Conservatives asked to see Barack Obama’s papers.

But if you do opt to contact her, remember to mention that you are, in fact, an American, if she happens to ask for your papers.

Source: Breitbart, Politico

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