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Melania Trump’s Gorgeous First Lady Portrait Unveiled…Can You Guess Why Liberals Hate It?

First Lady Melania Trump has been a target since her husband’s inauguration.

She has uber-liberal “celebrities” saying things like, “I fu***** hate Melania Trump,” for one thing. Can you imagine anyone saying that about Michelle Obama? That person probably would’ve been arrested.

But the slander doesn’t end there.

Liberals have also attacked her thick accent, which I find infinitely hypocritical, as these “tolerant, open-minded” leftists will be the first to freak out if an American made fun of ANY immigrant’s English.

This woman can do no right. So, when the White House formally unveiled the First Lady’s portrait, you had to assume the hateful liberals would find something wrong with it. Well, they did.

But first, the absolutely fantastic portrait, courtesy of Fox News Twitter:

See any problem? I don’t. In fact, lots of people really love it. Here’s a sampling of the positive social media vibes:


But then there are the liberals, who couldn’t seem to find anything wrong with the portrait itself, so they instead decided to latch on to another point:

The fact that Mrs. Trump doesn’t spend much time in the White House.

Then this:

People that voted for him & are praising this portrait (behind it is one of the most tyrannical presidencies in history) don’t get out much.

Oh just SHUT UP. We’re getting tired of listening to you people.

Well, at any rate, Melania did release a statement to go along with the portrait:

I am honored to serve in the role of First Lady, and look forward to working on behalf of the American people over the coming years.

At least some people in this country still have some class.

Sources: Western Journalism, Fox News Twitter

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