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WATCH – Melania Trump Asks The Pope To Do Something For Her…Then The Internet Explodes

First Lady Melania Trump has been maligned and attacked from the moment her husband won the presidency.

People have really said some filthy things about her, NONE of which would’ve been tolerated if such nastiness had been directed at Michelle Obama.

But at the same time, Melania is gaining quite the loyal following.


Because of her actions. She is clearly a classy individual with traditional American values, and she never hesitates to invoke the name of God in her speeches to America.

She has also upstaged Michelle several times, much to the annoyance of Leftists across the country.

If you had any doubt about her religious beliefs, just look what she did when she met Pope Francis.

Via Independent Journal Review:

Melania was all smiles but before the Pope moved on, she had one request.

With her, the first lady had brought a rosary. The rosary is a string of beads Catholics use for prayer and meditation. It is made up of beads, each signifying a special prayer.

It is a deeply cherished symbol within the Catholic faith.

Melania asked if the Pope would bless her rosary.

The answer was, of course, ‘yes.’ As the first lady held the rosary in both hands, Pope Francis said a prayer over it and made the sign of the cross.

Melania looked delighted and quietly said, ‘Thank you.’

Something so simple, yet so touching. Is it any surprise that this momentous moment is going CRAZY viral right now?

You can cast aspersions on the First Lady if you wish, but you’d better not doubt her faith or her devotion to America.

She has also proven herself to be a TRUE woman of the people, which is why you can always expect her and the rest of the Trump administration to put this country first.


Source: Independent Journal Review, ABC News Twitter

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