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Melania Trump Did Something So Beautiful For 4 U.S. Soldiers That Facebook EXPLODED

We all know the difference between genuine feeling and insincerity.

Sure, we’re not always right, but picking out a hypocrite isn’t usually difficult.

For example, if Hillary Clinton made remarks about how dedicated she is to our armed forces, alarm bells would go off immediately. …we all know THAT isn’t true.

But First Lady Melania Trump has a definite air of sincerity about her.

In addition to being a classy and sophisticated woman, she also holds true to her beliefs.

While there are expectations of a First Lady, many of the things she does are NOT requirements; rather, they’re gestures she chooses to make.

In stark contrast to Michelle Obama, whose support for the military was contrived and forced, Melania Trump appears to go out of her way to support our troops.

And her recent support for a U.S. Army regiment only supports the sincerity of her feelings.

“On Friday, for instance, she posted an image to her Facebook page thanking a specific U.S. Army regiment for helping her and her staff arrive safely to their meetings at the G-7 summit in Italy.

Thank you to the @usarmy 1-214th Aviation Regiment for getting me & my staff to our mtgs safely today!‘ she specifically wrote.”

This is not the only such gesture the First Lady has made.

“Prior to her leaving with President Donald Trump last week for their nine-day overseas tour, the first lady announced she would be ‘meeting with the wives and children of U.S. and allied soldiers‘ during the couple’s pass through Italy, according to Newsweek.”

This is part of a pattern for Melania.

It might be something as simple as “a khaki green, military-themed suit” at a special event or “meeting with the wives and children of U.S. and allied soldiers.”

Whatever the event, you can tell that support for those in uniform and their families is a priority for our new First Lady. And she has no problem putting her faith on vivid display, either.

If we can sense it, you can be sure that those who serve and the families of those who serve can sense it as well. And they no doubt deeply appreciate it.

Sources: Conservative Tribune, Newsweek

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