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STUNNING Memorial Day Tribute Captured From Above, Then The Camera Zooms In And…

Until I moved to Alaska, an area that really doesn’t have old American cemeteries, I would take my kids every Memorial Day to the least visited graveyards in the area.

They would usually be American Revolution-era cemeteries where the fallen have been long forgotten by modern-day society.

We would plant flags on the soldiers’ gravesites and say a prayer.

On the headstones that could still be read (which weren’t many) we would speak their names aloud, like a military roll call.

In one cemetery that we visited in Connecticut year after year, there was only one American Revolution soldier buried there.

He had served under General George Washington. That was a great learning experience for my kids.

Over the years, his headstone was vandalized, but his name remained for many years. Each time we arrived at that site, we went directly to his burial spot and planted our flag and said our prayer.

Years later, the headstone had been completely destroyed and, had it not been for me and my kids visiting every year to plant a flag, he may well have slipped into obscurity where so many other veterans reside.

That’s my story. Here’s another to warm your patriotic heart:

Fox10 News:

Volunteers are planting 10,000 flags at the University of Phoenix as a Memorial Day tribute to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.

Fifty volunteers from the University of Phoenix are planting the flags, which spell out ‘Honoring Our Heroes,’ on Tuesday morning on the lawn of the university’s Riverpoint campus to honor the sacrifices made by active-duty service members and veterans and their families.

Memorial Day is this coming Monday, celebrated every year on the last Monday of May.

Following the Civil War in 1868, it was originally recognized as Decoration Day, founded by Union soldiers in Decatur, Illinois, in the birth state of Lincoln, three years after his assassination.

By the 20th Century, both Union and Confederate troops merged the different days of Decoration Day into one, Memorial Day.

On that day, amid the barbecues and beer, please make like President Donald Trump and take a moment to remember those who served, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Source: Fox10 News

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