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Meryl Streep Has Anti-Trump Meltdown At Golden Globes…And America Rips Her Apart!

Hollywood has been bitching and whining since the election concluded. No, worse…they’ve been lecturing.

As usual, our celebrities can’t seem to figure out that they’re not politicians or ambassadors or activists. They’re so far out of touch with reality (like all Democrats, a sentiment shockingly voiced by one Bernie Sanders) that they actually think we CARE what they think.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Meryl Streep went apesh** on President-elect Donald Trump last night at the Golden Globe Awards and you know, it was painfully predictable:

In response, Meghan McCain had a few choice words today on Twitter, as cited by Yes I’m Right.

And in fact, she wasn’t the only one to respond negatively to Streep’s outburst; many are saying that in reality, that little anti-Trump speech of hers is precisely why Trump will be sitting in the Oval Office on January 20.

But it was McCain’s replies that really opened everyone’s eyes this morning. She has gone on anti-celebrity rants before; remember the one after Madonna made her disgustingly absurd comments?

This is all just priceless. Hollywood needs to a reality check and this is it. Just stand up there, do your little song and dance, take your millions and millions of dollars, and shut the hell up. You are SO far out of the loop, SO far away from the reality of 99.9% of all Americans, that you really need to just stay quiet.

End of story.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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