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SICKO Michael Moore Stuns Vietnam Vets With FILTHY Insult…Then Our Patriots FIRE BACK!

There are three types of Liberals:

1. Liberals who make the rules and keep the people dumb and eager.

Good examples are George Soros, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and Cass Sundstein.

2. Liberals who don’t make the rules, nor do they believe the Liberal lie, but push the agenda nonetheless, because it keeps them rich and in power.

Good examples are Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

3. Liberals who believe everything put out by the Leftists, regardless of its evil intent, and are willing to do anything to remain in the clique.

Good examples are university students, protesters (for any Leftist cause), Hollywood actors, singers, artists, union thugs, government workers, and illegal aliens.

Michael Moore, who has just insulted the Vietnam veterans, falls into the second category.

This pig never stops saying disgusting things about America and its citizens, and it’s a wonder people listen to him at ALL.

Moore, a mediocre talent of a filmmaker who never made it in the Hollywood medium, is the half-wit who has decided that Vietnam veterans were worthless and gutless.

Western Journalism:

“Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is catching flak for proposing a national holiday commemorating the day the U.S. withdrew from the Vietnam War.

‘We lost the Vietnam War 42yrs ago today,’ Moore tweeted on April 30. ‘Should be a nat’l holiday, a commitment to never make same mistake again.’

‘We still remember it because it was tragic for South Vietnam,’ said Khanh Nguyen, a resident of San Jose, Calif., who served in the South Vietnamese military. ‘We tried to hold on to the country, but unfortunately we could not make it.’

The Daily Wire noted that the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam created the conditions for communist dictator Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge to overthrow the U.S.-backed government in neighboring Cambodia.

Ben Shapiro issued a scathing response to Moore’s suggestion:

Ask the Vietnamese boat people or Cambodians under Pol Pot if they agree, you [vulgar abbreviation].‘”

Moore is well aware of history, but simply chooses to ignore it because that would not be part of the marching orders he was given by his higher-ups.  Let’s just say it was above his pay grade.

This is the same guy who basically wants to overthrow the government because Donald Trump is President. Don’t forget that.

Perhaps if Moore had not been a coward and had served, he would not be so quick to dismiss the men and women who are willing to die for this piece of Liberal excrement.

Sources:  Western Journalism, The Daily Wire

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