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After Michelle Obama Is Hailed As A QUEEN, Melania Trump Does The Most Patriotic Thing EVER

It is not a question of whether the mainstream media tilts Left (we know it does), but how FAR Left it actually leans.

Efforts to paint Michelle and Barack Obama as a fun couple who were famously in love and went out on date nights never quite caught on with the American public.

Why? Simply put: it never seemed natural.

Whenever the press caught a glimpse of Michelle, angry, bitter, frothing at the mouth, and about ready to bite a reporter’s head off, Americans knew her true inner self.

We didn’t require a brochure to guide us through the many faces of Michelle because we had already seen them in the news. As for Melania Trump, her First Lady portrait seems to capture her perfectly…and it works.

And yet, she has been painted with derision and hate by endless scores of liberals who say the most disgusting things about her.

We shouldn’t be offended by this. This is, after all, what happens in the miserable world of Liberalism. When you can’t beat them, beat ON them.

But exalting your precious Michelle as a QUEEN…?

MAD World News:

“Liberals are overjoyed at a new painting of Michelle Obama as a ‘queen.’ The colorful mural showed up just in time for the Obamas’ visit to Chicago where Barack is launching his anti-Trump campaign.

‘A striking mural of Michelle Obama as an Egyptian queen went up Friday in Chicago’s South Side neighborhood [by artist Chris Devins],” reports New York Magazine, which adds, “Devins, who raised almost $12,000 on GoFundMe, said, ‘I wanted to present her as what I think she is, so she’s clothed as an Egyptian queen.

I thought that was appropriate.’

Now, as we’re seeing the true essence of the former First Lady, Melania Trump just did something that will pull at your heartstrings, especially knowing it’s something Michelle would never do.

As for our current First Lady, Mrs. Trump was paying a visit with her husband to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to pin a Purple Heart on Army Sergeant First Class Alvaro Barrientos, who was wounded in Afghanistan.

The Trumps made this a special ceremony in stark contrast to the Obamas, where the former president never participated in presentations of meaning, but handed out Purple Hearts like T-Shirts at a football pre-game.

Michelle herself never appeared at any of these ceremonies in the eight years she lived in Washington, D.C.

Her depiction as queen was somehow appropriate it seems. Queens rule on high but almost never bother with their lowly subjects.

Source: MAD World News

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