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Breaking: Mike Pence Drops HISTORIC Bombshell On Senate…America Is Going Wild!


Doesn’t get much closer than this, does it?

Democrats have been going after Donald Trump’s cabinet picks from the start, even going so far as to release a “hit list” they intended to target.

And obviously, Trump’s pick for education secretary wasn’t well liked among liberals and Democrats, which is why the name Betsy DeVos has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks.

Upon reflection, it really has been one heckuva war in recent months; the GOP fought back after receiving those Democrat threats and ever since, the two parties have been fighting tooth and nail to get Trump’s picks confirmed.

Well, the latest confirmation was undoubtedly the most dramatic yet.

As confirmed by Fox News, DeVos is now the new education secretary, thanks to Vice President Mike Pence casting a historic tie-breaking vote.

This is the first time in American history the vice president had to break a tie on a Cabinet nominee’s Senate confirmation. Thanks to his support, DeVos squeaks into her shiny new position by a narrow 51-50 count.

As for Pence, he simply said it was “the easiest vote I ever cast.”

Added Senate education committee Chairman Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn.:

She’s led the most effective school reform movement of the last 30 years.

Democrats tried to stop it; they mounted an all-night “speaking marathon” railing against DeVos as the education pick, questioning her experience and freaking out over a variety of other ridiculous things.

But it doesn’t matter now because DeVos is IN. Once again, the liberals can whine and complain until they’re blue in the face and once again, it won’t matter at ALL. That’s what’s really driving them nuts, by the way…

They just can’t stand that the illusion they presented to America has been shattered; they can’t handle that we’re ONTO their propaganda game and that beneath it all, they’re just a bunch of whiny adolescents who are, in truth, hostile and undeniably vicious.

And people like George Soros can continue to fund the insanity all they wish because in the end, it’ll all fall on deaf ears.

Well, too bad. The future is nigh!

Source: Fox News

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