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Military Mom Finds A Note And A $20 Bill On Her Car…And Instantly Bursts Into Tears

Military parents have it rough.

On the one hand, they’re proud of their child’s dedication to his or her country.

On the other hand, there’s the omnipresent fear that goes along with a loved one doing anything dangerous.

That’s why they often have conflicting emotions about their pride and joy joining the military, and it can help to sometimes show a little appreciation.

It’s amazing when members of the military honor the fallen in heartwarming ways, but it can be even more poignant when civilians step up and say, “thank you.”

When Army mom Jodi St. Clair approached her car one day after work, she was never expecting such a “thank you” to appear in the form of a $20 bill and a carefully handwritten note.

As Fox 10 Phoenix reports, St. Clair first thought it was some sort of clever advertisement. That’s when she started reading:

“Dear ‘Proud Parent’:

Please either send this $20 to your Army Soldier for a meal. If he/she is in the Middle East, either use it to buy a care or comfort kit or save it for his/her return.

I pray for our military around the world every night, especially those serving in dangerous areas or in one of our wars.



How did this good samaritan know Jodi had a loved one in the military? Simple.

She had two stickers on the back of her vehicle, one for each of her sons currently serving in the U.S. Army. Jacob is 22 and serving in Korea while Daniel, 20, is now in North Carolina.

The tears fell as Jodi read the letter and she said she’d like to find “Shelley”  and thank her.

She may not find her but even so, this inspiring story is perfect for all those who know what it’s like to have children in the military.

And of course, the children of military parents can have a tough time, too, which is why it’s nice to see beautiful tokens of love on that side as well (the toddler with the teddy bear is ADORABLE).

We gladly join Jodi in her thanking of the mysterious citizen because we need a lot more “Shelleys” in the world.

Source: Fox 10 Phoenix

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