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Beautiful Mother Barely Survives A Freak Accident…Then Her Husband Does The UNTHINKABLE

Bad things are said to come in threes. But what about tragedies?

God has a plan for all of us and sometimes we should just allow him to take us by the hand and lead us.

There are times, however, when it seems like God’s plans are cruel and follow a path that is nearly unclimbable.

In such times of despair, shouldn’t you be able to count on those you love? Like your partner, for instance?

Courtney Cosper Walden had a husband and was a mother to a beautiful 5-year-old daughter; everything seemed to be on the right path. Then one day, everything changed…

And sadly, her partner refused to step up.

Independent Journal Review:

…[W]hile hanging around a casual campfire one night, her life was changed forever.

According to The Daily Mail, gasoline was poured onto the campfire, and it resulted in third-degree burns on her face and 40 percent of her body.

She was placed in a medically induced coma for a month. According to a GoFundMe page, she spent 51 days in an ICU burn unit, underwent eight skin graft surgeries, and is expected to undergo 12 more within the next two years.

She recently opened up to Daily Mail about the horrifying experience, saying she remembers ‘every second’:

“I remember being on fire. I dropped and rolled, and finally was tackled to the ground. I was crying out ‘call the ambulance.’”

It’s a terrifying ordeal, one would even say a nightmare. This is where the husband has to step up and be a husband. This is where those vows come into play, correct?

Well, it didn’t happen. Because just TWO WEEKS after she came out of her coman, her husband walked out on her and her 5-year-old daughter saying he “couldn’t handle her.

Now, Courtney is forced to restart her life. She says she has to “learn how to do things all over again” and to top it all off, she has to deal with it alone:

“It was a slap in the face when my husband left me. I tried and begged him to come back, my daughter didn’t deserve it.”

Courtney has gone through an ordeal that most people do not survive.

This brave soul believes she survived for a reason and hopes to help other burn victims in the future. But the husband…?

Let’s just say that while some people handle adversity exceedingly well, there are many others who just run. Unfortunately, Courtney chose a runner.

Sources:  Independent Journal Review, Daily Mail

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