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MSNBC Host Loses His Mind, Goes On Anti-Trump Rampage…America Punches Back!

Duck and Cover! Keith Olbermann has declared war on Trump!

Or more accurately, the Russians have declared war on the US!

Okay, so that’s not accurate at all, but what else do you expect from Leftist propaganda? In order to understand the myth known as Keith Olbermann, we must delve into the man. Here’s what we know:

Olbermann is a graduate of Cornell University…no, no! Not THAT Cornell University with the Ivy League status. The other Cornell State School of Agriculture. To borrow a line from Ann Coulter, “the one with classes in milking and bovine management.”

He was employed at ESPN for a few years before leaving after referring to his set as that “godforsaken place”. He then moved on to Fox Sports Net, but left there as well. After being hired at MSNBC, he left there. Then he was re-hired. But then left again.

Are we seeing a pattern here?

His latest endeavor is starring as the host of a GQ-produced political webshow entitled “The Resistance”. In his most recent video, Olbermann launches into a Foster Brooks-like drunken rant, accusing Putin of using Trump like a pawn in his real life game of Risk and likening the elections-rigging to the attack on Pearl Harbor!

Yes I’m Right goes on:

“Clearly this is a completely made-up reality, but that’s what liberals do best. I’m so thankful that one of the best conservative YouTubers out there, Mark Dice, just knocked him out in the most epic way imaginable, with the truth…”

Mark Dice, a self-proclaimed Conservative commentator and author, superimposes his face over this Olbermann video and picks it apart like a freshman scalpel poised over a dead frog.

“Keith Olbermann, once an MSNBC news anchor, then relegated to ‘another guy on Twitter’, is BACK on YouTube recording in his mother’s basement on, what sounds to be, an iPhone, or maybe even a VHS camcorder from the 1990s. The production quality is so terrible!” Dice began his video critique.

“And here he is ranting like an unhinged lunatic, saying that we are at war with Russia, over this latest conspiracy theory. The Liberal media is putting out that ‘the Russians are responsible for Donald Trump winning the election.'”

Over the course of the five-minute piece, Dice plays short clips of Olbermann staring into the camera and looking a little like Steve Allen on meth. The stern tone of Olbermann builds to a steadily more angry voice until a crescendo of charges of treason and sovereign apocalypse end his tirade.

Fun for the whole family!

Just for the record, Walmart has portable fallout shelters on sale this week only.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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