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Muslim Screams ‘Allahu Akbar’ And Attacks Police, But 1 Cop Had A Secret Weapon…

Thanks to the policies of the globalist Left, Europe continues to suffer under the self-imposed yoke of unrestricted mass immigration.

We’ve seen millions of Muslims invade Europe over the last few years and as expected, they haven’t even tried to assimilate.

Instead, they form insular communities while slowing taking over the surrounding areas until natives have had enough and flee.

Crime has also become a huge problem, as Europeans are now experiencing what it’s like to live with folks who hate them and have no qualms about committing acts of violence to get their way.

Almost daily we see crimes committed in the name of Islam, and Tuesday was no different.

As reported at Breitbart, a knife-wielding man shouting “Allahu Akbar” injured a police officer on Tuesday at the land border between Spain and Morocco.

Thankfully, his attempted rampage was cut short thanks to some quick thinking on the part of the officer’s colleague.

Video of the incident shows officers surrounding the man after his initial attack. While the attacker was focused on the officers in front of him, one behind him picked up a large, plastic road barrier and bashed the radical in the back of the head with it.

The would-be terrorist collapsed from the strike and he was immediately jumped on and successfully apprehended.

A spokesman for the Spanish government said of the incident:

A man entered the border post and once inside, pulled out a large knife and confronted (police) shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Greatest), slightly injuring a policeman”.

Thanks to UN and EU encouragement, the Morocco-Spain border has become a highly popular area for “refugees” and migrants to flock to. Unlike the sea passages from North Africa, this route is deemed very safe, so it’s unsurprising that the numbers are surging at the border.

Since last June, the number of people arriving in Spain from Morocco has doubled, with large influxes from countries like Cameroon, Gambia, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast, rising as well.

A UN spokesman recently warned Spain to prepare to receive large numbers of migrants. They said:


What is clear is that, they (Spain’s government) have to get readyThey can’t be caught unprepared. What started happening elsewhere in Europe in 2015 can’t be allowed to happen here.”

Rather than prepare for migrants, Europeans should prepare to keep them out.

It’s not Europe’s responsibility to take in all of North Africa and the Middle East. They have their own nations, where they should be building functional societies, not trying to leech off others and ruin everything in the process.

What’s happening is suicide, as Europe cannot cope with this many immigrants, much less if they’re all Muslims.

There’s no time to wait…this problem must be rectified immediately if Europe is to survive this century.

Source: Breitbart

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