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WHOA: Muslim Country Drops STUNNING A-Bomb On Trump…It’s Not What You Think!

This is completely unexpected.

Well, it’s a shock to liberals, at least.

It might be an even bigger shock than President Donald Trump received one of the best compliments ANY president could ever get. That one undoubtedly ticked off the left.

When President Donald Trump signed his goliath executive order barring travelers from seven countries from entering the United States for a period of 90 days, the left howled and raged and said the ban was anti-Muslim.

The left conveniently left out the fact that the temporary travel ban was aimed at bolstering America’s security because the seven nations that the order affected were all globally recognized terror hot spots.

You know, places with populations that were predominantly Muslim.

But the order certainly wasn’t a target against Muslims; if it was, it would have included the nations with the largest Muslim populations. Right? Right. Common sense.

Well, here’s a mostly Muslim nation that actually sees the common sense and sides with Trump on the matter. Yeah, that’s right, liberals.

“The foreign minister to the United Arab Emirates, a Muslim-dominant country that borders Saudi Arabia and Oman, has come out in defense of U.S. President Donald Trump’s recently enacted moratorium on immigration from terror-prone nations,” Western Journalism reported.

‘The United States has taken a decision that is within the American sovereign decision,’ foreign minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan reportedly said during a press conference Wednesday alongside his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.”

Hmm, where is this report on CNN?

Or on ABC, NBC, CBS or within the pages of, say, the New York Times and Washington Post? Indeed. If you answered “nowhere,” you’d probably be correct because they don’t make such reports.

And that’s because the left cares little for truth – almost as little, apparently, as it does for America’s safety and security from terror risks.

Which is precisely why Trump says he doesn’t bother with CNN, because he isn’t interested in FAKE NEWS.

The left, with this whole anti-Trump, anti-executive order rally call has one agenda in mind, and it’s to benefit the far left:

Keep borders open at all costs.

Why? Because in the minds of the left, open borders and amnesty reach-outs means more Democratic voters, and that means power and ultimately, a progressive takeover of U.S. politics.

Source: Western Journalism

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