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Deranged Muslim Butchers Couple, Then Cops FREAK When They Open This Psycho’s Suitcase

Generosity is a wonderful thing, but its exercise must also be tempered with wisdom.

It’s not generous to fund an indigent person’s alcohol addiction, for example.

Neither is it generous to offer help to someone who is likely to return that deed with ingratitude or worse.

Remember when that good samaritan helped out the Mexican immigrant? She wasn’t too fond of her “thank you.”

We are seeing this problem with uncontrolled immigration. While some immigrants are peaceful people who just want to create a better life for themselves and their families, many are violent and represent real dangers to the people.

So, when a Muslim migrant returned a couple’s generosity by murdering them, we have a perfect example of the depravity we are likely to confront if we do not aggressively control immigration.

Here’s where the story begins (via MAD World News). First we have the act of generosity:

“When 37-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker Faouzi A. was welcomed into the home of German residents Ali T., 37, and Hadia B., 32, he was not only granted food and housing but generously given a job with Ali’s construction crew.”

Then comes the nightmare:

“Just weeks after being taken in, Faouzi bludgeoned the hospitable couple to death with a hammer because they allegedly insulted him by calling him an ‘animal’ during an argument over money.

As if the murder were not depraved enough, Faouzi then demonstrated the sick psychosis within.

“Fazoui went to the construction site before returning to the couple’s home to dismembered their bodies with a saw, stuffing the severed arms, legs, and heads into 2 suitcases.


He then transported the body parts by bus, placing the corpses next to countless passengers who were none the wiser to what he was hauling. At a nearby lake, he exited the bus and launched the suitcases into the water.”

The left will scream that this is an isolated instance, and that not all Muslims behave that way.

That comment is as obvious as it is stupid. Of course not all Muslims behave this way…the problem is that some do.

Some take Islamic teachings literally and commit acts of unspeakable violence on the basis of those teachings.

It isn’t an act of generosity to let such persons into your country: It’s an act of gross irresponsibility.


Source: Mad World News

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