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Muslim Gang Unleashes Hell On White ‘Non-Muslims’ – Then Police Get Revenge

There are some areas of the UK you’d better not venture if you’re white.

The media worked tirelessly to dispel the reality that there exists areas in England where white people/non-muslims are de facto banned from going.

They chalk it up to right-wing, bigoted fear-mongering, but the same folks that make such claims will never go to these areas themselves.

Thanks the the government and media’s partnership, natives of the UK get to experience their nation’s slow decline on a daily basis, unlike the elites running the show.

All around them are immigrants who hate their guts, and who are poised to take a larger share of the country in the coming decades.

An example of the future Brits have in store for them can be seen in an incident that occurred in Liverpool and trust me, this one is going to terrify you half to death.

As reported at the Liverpool Echo, a gang of Muslim men rampaged through Liverpool city centre attacking strangers because they were white “non-Muslims.”

One witness was so terrified, they assumed the criminals were ISIS terrorists on the attack.

Amin Mohmed, Mohammed Patel, and Faruq Patel targeted several people before happening upon St Helens councillor Paul Lynch.

Laughing, Faruq, 19, who was not convicted of a racial or religious motive, then filmed Mohmed punching Lynch to the ground, as his terrified girlfriend tried to protect him.

In response to the attacks, counter-terrorism officers raided the three men’s homes in Bolton. Judge Louise Brandon said about the incident:

This was a disgraceful and sustained campaign of violence carried out on the streets of this city.

Paul Treble, the prosecutor, said fellow-Muslim Edris Nosrati spotted two of the gang attacking a man in Bold Street at around 3.30am.

He said: “He was concerned because one of them seemed to be using racist language, talking about Muslims and Christians.

“One of them came up to Mr Nosrati and said ‘are you a Muslim?’ Mr Nosrati said he was, but the man said ‘well, what’s the Muslim word?’”

He said Mr Nosrati replied with a “well-known” Arabic phrase: “There is only one God, and Muhammad is a messenger.

Mr Treble said: “He said it’s a phrase often linked with ISIS. He was concerned as to their exact intent and that they might be associated in some way to an extremist organization.”

Mr Nosrati was told “you can go”, but when he tried to stop them punching another man, one replied: “It’s none of your business.”

He followed the gang to Renshaw Street, where they asked a man named Greg Bohanna: “What are you?

The victim was confused but when one of them said “I’m a Muslim, what are you?” he answered “I’m a Christian.


The attacker shouted “Why aren’t you a Muslim?” before punching him twice, breaking his glasses and causing a 2cm cut above his left eye.

The criminals fled the scene but were eventually caught. Predictably, one of the attackers, Mohammed, tried to paint his posse as the victims, claiming they were racially abused by the men they violently attacked.

But authorities didn’t buy it and before long, he finally confessed he was “targeting people because they were white and non-Muslim.

Of course, their defense consistently alleged they were victims of racial abuse, but that’s par for the course when a minority gets caught committing the act themselves.

Needless to say, this would be a huge deal if the roles were reversed, but it’s barely a back-page story since the criminals were Muslims.

The good news is they were actually punished. Mohmed cried like a coward as he was jailed for 42 weeks. Mohammed and Faruq Patel received 42 and 18 weeks respectively in a young offenders institution.

It’s the least they deserve for what they did, as they got off easy because they’re Muslim. But at least it’s something. The scary part…?

It’s only going to escalate because England and the rest of the world refuse to acknowledge what’s happening.

Source: Liverpool Echo

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