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Muslim Leader Unleashes One FILTHY Lie, But He Wasn’t Expecting A Christian THUNDERBOLT!

Barack Obama never believed the words “radical” and “Islamic” and “terror” could be in the same sentence.

In Obama’s world, there was no such thing as Islamic terror.

There were only acts of violence, and sometimes – not frequently, but sometimes – acts of terror. But there were never acts of terror committed by radical Islamics because in Obama’s mind, people of Islam just weren’t violent due to their religious beliefs.

The fact that he violated all sorts of rules and laws is neither here nor there, I suppose. Really, he only spoke the “truth.”

Namely: Islam is a religion of peace.

Despite one Muslim leader going on live TV just recently and saying precisely the opposite. And despite this Christian woman who blows up in a recent Sean Hannity interview with Imam Mohammad Ali Alahi:

As now-outspoken Christian Brigitte Gabriel said in this widely watched video, while holding up a set of documents:

This is the Muslim Brotherhood plan for the destruction of the United States, written 5-22-1991.

Well, that seems a bit shocking, now doesn’t it?

After all, under Obama, we were constantly told that the Muslim Brotherhood were the good guys, the moderate Muslims who were going to help America bridge the gap and communicate with some of the more radical elements in Muslim society.

But the group apparently had a plan to destroy the United States? Hmm…

The problem, of course, is that the previous administration kowtowed to all nations Muslim, brainwashing the rest of America into believing that calling a radical Islamic terrorist a radical Islamic terrorist is a term of discrimination, not truth.

With Trump in charge, that skewing of truth comes to an end. Not a moment too soon, in my humble opinion. After all, how many more innocents have to be beheaded, set on fire, or otherwise killed or enslaved before we as Americans are allowed to rightly name the enemy as radical Islamism?

This isn’t a PR battle, as Obama and his ilk would have believed.

This is a real life, fight-to-death, horrific war on terror, where the enemy is committing crimes and offense in the name of their god, Allah — in the name of the god of Islam.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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