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Muslim-Loving Mayor Supports Sharia Law, Then THIS Filthy Skeleton Tumbles Out Of His Closet

Chechnya is a region that is 100% Muslim and ruled by Sharia Law.

It is also the place where gay men are rounded up and thrown into concentration camps where fatalities have been reported.

That’s why it is very confusing when an openly gay man from the State of Washington – who is now Seattle’s mayor – opts to SUPPORT Sharia Law.

Mayor Edward Murray is a strange bird, indeed. This is a man who is not shy about announcing his sexual orientation, nor is he shy about helping followers of Sharia Law to buy homes in Seattle.

A bizarre way to buy votes, wouldn’t you say? What’s even more bizarre is Mayor Murray’s past!

It’s almost as shady as the Muslim London Mayor’s past, which came out after last month’s despicable terror attacks.

Alarm bells should’ve gone off when Mayor Murray started helping “followers of Sharia law buy houses in Seattle” but once again, liberals turned a blind eye. And now this:

Right Wing News:

“Fast forward to last week and the news out of Seattle seems to again beg the same question:

Was an openly gay mayoral candidate hoping to buy favor and votes from Muslims in the Seattle election, only to now be further confounded by new allegations of sex crimes by Murray against an under-aged boy?

There was a complaint filed alleging child sex abuse along with illegal prostitution this month on April 6th, right there in the King County Superior Court against Murray.

There was a report made on this complaint stating that Murray was accused of ‘repeatedly and criminally raping and molesting a teenage boy decades ago, a charge denied by the mayor, who vowed to continue to run for re-election.

He of course is claiming that these accusations are timed perfectly to damage his re-election campaign and that’s all there is to it.”

It’s bad enough that Muslims treat their women like cattle; shouldn’t liberals CARE that they also hate gay people, like this mayor?

Seattle is home to an estimated 37,000 Muslims and is the fastest growing demographic in that region.

These same followers of Sharia Law are claiming to be in full support of Mayor Murray because of his stance toward Islam.

But perhaps Murray staffers should have a look at this video before committing to the ultimate folly of support for Sharia Law…

Source: Right Wing News

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