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REVOLTING Muslim Pig Molests 8 Girls…Then The Judge LETS HIM GO For 1 SICK Reason

Cultural relativism is a pox on Western nations that is promoting the destruction not only of Western culture but Western legal traditions.

It must be stopped.

The examples are everywhere, though European countries have been the hardest hit so far.

We’re seeing the invasion worldwide; we’re feeling it right here at home, and our children are suffering. The worst part?

There doesn’t appear to be much in the way of justice.

Here’s yet another despicable example of how judges are allowing Islamic culture to run rampant.

Via Mad World News:

A young Muslim migrant plead guilty to sexually assaulting eight girls on an Australian beach. However he got off with only probation when he told the judge that he shouldn’t be punished for breaking the law because of his ‘cultural differences.’

What can be said about such a hideous crime followed by such an absurd, unjust, and dangerous ruling by the court?

Are we to understand now that the law offers no protection to female beach-goers in Australia if their assailants are young Muslim migrants? REALLY?

Apparently that is the case as “Yahoo News printed that the judge excused the molester’s crimes because he believes ‘seeing girls in bikinis is different to the environment in which he grew up.’

The West is on a dangerous path to cultural suicide, orchestrated by left-wing courts that are derelict in their responsibilities to apply the law.


Or course, liberal administrations and legislatures are no help either.

In fact, in some jurisdictions “it has now become a justification for these offenders to deliberately disobey our laws if they simply wish to adhere to their native country’s savageries. As long as it can be claimed as part of their religion, they are free to commit inhumane acts without fear of reprimand.”

This is, of course, nonsense.

It denies that there are any enduring moral truths that bind all of us as humans. Culture must never override the basic rights and dignity we possess simply because we are human beings.

This young pervert has no right to steal anyone’s dignity or harm their person simply because he either follows a twisted ideology or has further twisted the ideology himself.

And the judge that excused his behavior needs to be removed. NOW.

Sources: Mad World News, ABC News

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