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Muslim Spits In The Faces Of NYPD Officers, Then Gets A BRUTAL Reality Check

Here’s the thing:

Security checks aren’t political statements. They’re for the safety of everyone and that’s it. If someone asks me if they can check my bag or take my shoes off or some damn thing, I’m happy to do it.

Of course, liberals are just closet racists, which means that because I’m white, I’m not allowed to have an opinion.

I don’t know what Muslims go through in this country (I mean, besides preferential treatment by every state and government agency on earth). I couldn’t possibly sympathize and as such, I’d support racial profiling.

No, I support security checks. I respect law enforcement and the insanely difficult and dangerous job they have to do on a daily basis. And when it comes to the facts and staggeringly awful reports, I’m allowed to be wary of Muslims.

But the bottom line is, even if I did have a problem with a security check, nobody would stand up for me.

On the flip side, liberals are racing to the defense of Muslim activist Hesham El-Meligy, who refused a routine bag check on the Staten Island Ferry and treated officers like dog sh**.

You know, the standard “this is racist!” freak-out from one of the most entitled human beings on earth. Mad World News summarized:

Before a Muslim activist was about to board a ferry, security called him over for a sniffer dog to perform a routine bag check.

After the liberal Muslim not only refused but also became belligerent with officers, they decided to show him that his perceived entitlement doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to security.


El-Meligy was placed under arrest and hauled off by NYPD officers after he threw a terrifying tantrum at the terminal.

SILive reports that the officers slapped handcuffs on El-Megily and proceeded to search his backpack when he became threatening at the officers’ request to search him.”

Furthermore, there were witnesses that confirmed this “activist’s” belligerent behavior, which is why a number of travelers had grown wary of his presence.

Clearly, officers had every right to react as they did and BRAVO to the NYPD for not kowtowing to the PC Gestapo and doing their jobs. Police exist to serve and protect and NOBODY gets special treatment. That’s how it works.

It’s also how President Donald Trump operates: When he sees shocking illegal immigration information, he acts. He doesn’t sit around and have a seance and give invaders money and resources.

Only “progressives” do that. And it has done WONDERS for the U.S., hasn’t it? ‘obvious sarcasm’

Sources: Mad World News, SILive

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