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EXPOSED: Muslim Obama Staffer CAUGHT…Her Despicable Lies DISGUST America!

So here’s a riddle for you, and let’s see if you can guess the answer:

What does a good Barack Obama staffer do when caught between a rock and a hard place of the new President Donald Trump administration?

If you guessed play the victim, lie and run, then you are correct.

Thing is, we’ve uncovered a LOT of lies originating from people of the Muslim faith, which makes all Americans wonder: Why, why do we continue to trust their claims about peace?

Now, the latest example of a lying Muslim who actually managed to lie her way into the pages of The Atlantic. That’s right, of course the mainstream media leaped all over her story.

…see, this is precisely why President Donald Trump isn’t going to the White House Correspondents’ dinner. The mainstream press will distort anything to suit their agenda.

Here’s the backstory, thanks to Mad World News:

“One Muslim woman, who worked for Barack Obama on the National Security Council, is making herself out to be some hero after she claims she was basically thrown out of Donald Trump’s White House.

Her name is Rumana Ahmed, and she is featured in ‘The Atlantic,’ where she tells her tale of woe and how she was so mistreated and was so scared when Trump took over that she had to leave her position on the National Security Council after only eight days.”

Too bad truth came into town and wreaked havoc on her pitiful tale of pity. It was such a nice fairytale while it lasted.

Turns out her Woe-Is-Me story was entirely FALSE.

She tried to paint herself as a Syrian refugee – except she wasn’t. She tried to paint herself as a victim of Islamophobia when three Muslims were killed in 2015 at Chapel hill – except the whole left-leaning mantra about hate crime fell flat in the face of police proof.


You get the picture. Rumana was trying to lie her way to a pity party, taking a tear-soaked tissue with her as proof of her plight. But something happened along the way.

And it’s called: BUSTED.

Ahmed outright lied about her plight, lied about her story, lied about the so-called sufferings she didn’t so much suffer as fabricate about her religious beliefs.

And this is why, ladies and gentlemen, the mainstream media cannot be trusted. There used to be a thing called vetting and fact-checking before a story such as Ahmed’s went to print.

But now?

It if advances the vision of the media, if it furthers the narrative the leftist press wants to get out, then believability, fact and truth are all things that can be tossed to the side.

Horrifying stories like the one about the Muslim who SPITS IN THE MOUTH OF AN INFANT? Nary a peep from places like The Atlantic. Are we sensing a pattern…?

Source: Mad World News

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