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Muslim Refugees Burned By Explosive New Report – And The Media Is Burying The Truth

With all the problems plaguing the US, it’s sometimes difficult to notice or care about the plight of Europe, especially since their suffering is entirely self-inflicted.

But the same can be said for us as well. While many of us didn’t vote for the destructive policies eroding our national foundation, our friends and neighbors did.

In Europe, there are a plethora of issues simmering below the surface, adding to the current and future misery of the continent.

But the most visible and far-reaching problem is the Muslim invasion, made possible by leftists looking to undermine the many ancient cultures on the Old Continent.

As reported at Yes I’m Right, assimilation is no longer a requirement for invading the European continent.

Rather, the natives will be the ones adjusting to the foreigners’ presence, bending over backwards to make them happy, even if it means giving up the values and civilization their ancestors built throughout the ages.

The future the Left has crafted for Europeans is one of displacement.

Demographically, their numbers are dwindling, which is part of the Left’s excuse for opening the floodgates to the foreign hordes.

So, if you take far below replacement level birth-rates of the natives, then import millions of Muslims all at once with many times the replacement rate, you have a recipe that makes natives a minority by mid-century.

And yes, it’s a recipe for disaster.

And remember this truism: demographics are destiny. What has been done cannot be undone, even if the flow was shut off permanently tomorrow.

Thanks to the massive influx of Muslims, crime is on the rise.

In Sweden, they’ve been facing a rape epidemic in recent years, one that the self-proclaimed “feminist government” has fiercely tried to cover up. In Germany, Italy, and other southern European nations, it’s the same.

Muslims wall themselves off into their own communities, making them de facto off limits to the natives.

Slowly but surely, they eat away at territory, demoralizing citizens and causing them to flee, which only makes it easier to takeover more. They brag that one day Europe will be theirs because unlike Westerners, they’re not afraid to admit the truth.

Everyone is painfully aware, but no one dares speak that truth, which is unsurprising, as it’s a crime to do so.


The US is facing a similar crisis, albeit not only from Muslims. The Europe we romanticize is dead, or dying, and the bad news is, there’s likely nothing that’s going to stop it.

President Donald Trump has tried to deal with the issue with the oft-criticized travel ban but liberals just keep screaming the same thing:

“Let everyone in!”

They don’t seem to care that the exact same rallying cry was already tried in most parts of Europe…and the entire continent is in very serious trouble.

When will we learn?

Source: Yes I’m Right

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