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Muslim Students Make 1 OUTRAGEOUS Demand, But The Principal Has The PERFECT Reply

CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) has made a name for itself as simultaneously enjoying an activist title for Muslims, while also being named a pseudo-terrorist organization.

That’s a high honor, considering the two appear to be interrelated.

If you can convince the enemy that you’re friendly, it’s that much easier to attain your objectives.

However, even CAIR has many detractors. They haven’t been all that good at hiding their true intentions.

It has become apparent to Conservatives that those who practice the Islam faith aren’t seeking equality; they’re seeking special treatment. This is especially obvious in our critically flawed school system.

Prom season has arrived and Muslims are demanding that the school system in New York alter its scheduled occasion so that it doesn’t interfere with Ramadan.

But for ONCE, the principal hasn’t caved (yet):

MAD World News:

“When Brooklyn Technical High School’s Muslim students, who are a minority, found out that prom would be held on June 3 this year, they were deeply upset that they would have to choose between adhering to their religion’s endless commands or living like American teenagers.

Since Islam strictly prohibits worshipers from listening to music or dancing, especially during this month of fasting, the Muslim students decided to pressure the school to move the event around their religious observance.

The answer they received was not what the retaliatory special interest group is accustomed to hearing very often.


Fox News reports that when the Muslim student body demanded the school reschedule prom in submission to Ramadan, the interim acting principal informed them that they would definitely not reschedule prom because it was planned months in advance and the school would lose money just to accommodate the minority’s request.”

Even though the school is going through with its original plans for the dance, some students are threatening a lawsuit, which won’t likely amount to a viable case.

Even so, it isn’t surprising that a simple “no” isn’t good enough.

The Islam religion wants a foothold in the American school system and unfortunately, it seems they’ve already gotten it. It will get harder and harder to say “no” in the future, that’s for sure…

Sources:  MAD World News, Fox News

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