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Muslim Demands Taxpayers Ante Up – Tucker Carlson Shuts Her Down With 5 BRILLIANT Words [WATCH]

It isn’t enough that Muslims continue to make endless demands of employers, universities, and of course. The U.S. government.

They can still manage to play the victim card with expert agility, and certain naive liberals are still listening.

Now, I thought that Safe Spaces was a dead issue, but in hearing it from the CAIR-associated organizations, you would think it was a very serious issue.

According to most who have been paying attention to news coverage this past year, the Safe Spaces item on the Leftist checklist was eliminated.

As for the so-called Snowflakes, they have ceased asking about Safe Spaces…well, simply because too many others were pointing and laughing.

But you just can’t keep a good liberal down, as Tucker Carlson found out a few nights ago.

Conservative Tribune:

“The idea of ‘safe spaces’ is bad enough.

But what about when a group wants taxpayers to fund it so that ‘inflammatory’ extremists can express their views ‘without fear of being surveilled?’

That’s precisely what Blair Imani wants. She’s an American activist who thinks it would be a good idea for the Australian government to fund such spaces.

Not only that, she thinks it would be a good idea if such safe spaces were exported to America, as she explained on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Friday.

While noting that recent terror attacks in Europe may indicate Islamist terror is hazardous to one’s health, Carlson said that ‘in Australia, it is Muslims who are declaiming they’re the ones who need safe spaces.'”

The gist of this conversation boiled down to a convergence of Leftist agendas and really had nothing whatsoever to do safe spaces for Muslims.

At one point in the conversation, Imani claimed she was Muslim, Black, queer, and (obviously) a woman.  I’m not sure how the Muslim community would appreciate her claiming to be a Muslim and gay, but whatever.

When finally confronted with the fact that we’re ALL Americans, she quite defiantly stated, “I’m Black first,” to which Tucker, nodded, smiled amiably, and replied-

Then that’s end of conversation.

Correct. For liberals, the most racist group of individuals on earth at this point, it’s all about color and never about unity or facts.

Sources:  Conservative Tribune, Fox News Insider

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