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Entitled Muslims Make 1 OUTRAGEOUS Demand – Employer Silences Them With 5 GENIUS Words

We all know there are employees who seek to do as little as possible while still holding on to their jobs.

Some take advantage of sick leave, others just loaf on the the job.

While this does make the hard-working employees stand out, it also takes its toll on business. As does rampant entitlement.

The question can be asked as to whether some might use their religious faith to accomplish the same thing – doing as little as possible on the job.

Or perhaps they really believe they deserve special treatment because of their religion.

Whatever the case, when a group of Muslim UPS employees demanded special treatment that would, among other things, allow extra breaks other employees did not receive, they got the response they did not expect.

They got fired.

From MAD World News:

ABC 6 reports that, according to a pair of Somali migrants, the new manager first asked who wanted the special privilege of extra prayer breaks.

When the Muslim migrants raised their hands, he unhesitantly informed them that he would have them all replaced.

In fact, he told them that the only way they could have prayer breaks was if they packed their things and quit their jobs.

‘The UPS operations manager held a meeting and asked who wanted to pray,’ said Abdifatah Hassan, a plaintiff. ‘After we raised our hands, he said that he would replace all of us.'”

Employees and potential employees have equal opportunities in the workplace. This also implies equal responsibilities.

There are some exemptions for those who are truly handicapped, but being a Muslim doesn’t qualify as a handicap and hence, preferential treatment should NOT be expected.

Even the government found no violation here.


“Susan Rosenberg, the UPS Public Relations Director, explained to Law News that federal investigators already inspected these accusations and found nothing to warrant such a lawsuit.

Both UPS and Doherty Staffing Services, a company that employs and manages the workforce at the UPS Mail Innovations facility in Mendota Heights, thoroughly investigated and found no evidence to support these allegations.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also found no cause for claims against UPS and dismissed the allegations.”

Of course, there will be a lawsuit, because that is the purpose of groups like CAIR – to attempt to force individuals and businesses into granting special privileges to Muslims.

You may recall the $100 million lawsuit leveled by one Muslim who ordered a certain pizza…yes, $100 million.

If we wish to continue to have the freedoms guaranteed to us by our Constitution, we have to stand up to these bigoted demands, much the same way this UPS store manager did.

Sources: MAD World News, ABC 6

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