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KABOOM: Muslims Shocked By Pro-American Law…Liberals Are Losing Their Minds!

There appears to be a new sickness spreading in America, but only among those of the political class.

It’s name is: S. Sakcaj Disorder. If you’re having trouble pronouncing it, try holding it up to a mirror for clearer understanding. …HA.

No wonder recent scientific evidence proves that liberals are actually more likely to suffer from a mental disorder.

As for S. Sakcaj Disorder, it’s affecting Leftists in every government entity across the nation.

From those in Sanctuary Cities who are promoting social security and tax fraud, identity theft and petty larceny, to those in other cities who are advocating election fraud. These Lefties are shameless and unencumbered by common sense and idiocy filters.

The House of Representatives in Arkansas on Monday decided to introduce a bill that will really anger those practicing the religion of peace.

Right Wing News:

“The House passed a bill on Monday that states that only ‘American laws’ will be permitted to operate in Arkansas courts. What a novel idea, right?

So, how does this affect anything, you say? First…and last, it means, ‘No Sharia Law for you!’

The bill passed 63-24 and is now on track to move to the Senate for a vote. We hope the bill’s legislation will set an example for other states to follow to preserve, well I don’t know, the RULE OF LAW!”

And unlike the assertion by former-President Obama, Muslims did not build America.  For a clear explanation, here’s more:

“Hasan Mahud is a blogger and a Muslim. He explained the relationship between a Islam and Western Society.

‘Sharia is more than stoning or amputating limbs or public beheading — Sharia is a spirit also. Its spirit is against current [Western] civilization. Sharia instigates its believers to destroy secular democracy (from within!) and establish [a] so-called Islamic state because [the] law is pointless without a state.’”

This, again, is a no-brainer, but when we’re talking about Leftists, we’re also speaking of no brains.

There are actually critics of this Arkansas bill who are outraged at the fact that it “specifically” targets Sharia Law (a law which is not even mentioned in the body of the bill).

And yet, Washington has already warned the country that terrorist fighters are basically everywhere, and that “thousands” move around freely thanks to open immigration policy.

Regardless, facts are not in the arsenal of these Bedlamites and they’ll continue to see Republicans cloaked in the mask of the enemy…instead of the actual enemies themselves.

Source: Right Wing News

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