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Muslims Steal Trump’s Slogan To Promote Islam…And Put It On A Florida Billboard

“Make America Great Again.”

It was Donald Trump’s campaign slogan from the start and every time someone gets verbally abused for wearing a MAGA hat, Trump proves his point.

Trump has made great strides in bringing this country back to prominence after the dark years of Barack Obama, and those who voted for him are happy to see such strides.

With each new speech or order comes something new to cheer about, whether it’s the renewed war on communism or dumping Obama-era pro-illegal alien policies that have essentially crippled America.

And yes, we still love “Make America Great Again.”

Florida drivers probably thought they were looking at a pro-Trump billboard but then they noticed something different: It just said “Making America Great.”

And then came the kicker, as pointed out by IJR:

Upon closer look, as reported by CBS Miami, the billboard isn’t a pro-Trump billboard at all. Its purpose is to educate passersby about Islam.

Business owner Paul Asimiadis told CBS Miami that he, like others, initially assumed the billboard was erected in support of Trump:

‘When you drive by really quick it looks like Making America Great … a Donald Trump sign.’

The billboard was purchased by the Islamic Community of Tampa.

Aida Mackic, Civil Rights Coordinator for Council on American-Islamic Relations, told CBS Miami that the slightly revamped slogan doesn’t have anything to do with Trump or his supporters:

Making America great doesn’t mean we all have to be the same. No, it’s the diversity that makes us so great.

They couldn’t come up with their own slogan? Really?

And everyone knows it’s an obvious slight against the President, as it implies Trump is anti-diversity, a trait he has never once shown during his time in office.

But hey, liberals aren’t interested in facts. Never have been.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, CBS Miami

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