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Naked Illegal Aliens Invade Sanctuary City – Guess Why They Can’t Be Arrested

It’s obvious now: sanctuary cities are a plague on the United States.

Their very existence degrades the US. They’re not only facilitating the invasion and soft takeover of the country, they’re also undermining the rule of law.

Leftists point the gun of the State at the head of bakers, demanding they bake cakes, and force others to go against their conscience.

But they reserve the right for themselves to ignore any law they don’t like, even if it has a drastic impact on those around them. Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberal.

Sanctuary policies are killing cities, damaging law enforcement’s ability to their jobs properly; this is the plain, unvarnished truth. Need some proof?

How about the recent phenomenon of naked, illegal panhandlers in New York City, who get away with their crimes and harassment thanks to left-wing protection?

Yeah, welcome to the United States of America, where illegal freaks can do whatever they please…simply because they’re illegal. Only a liberal could make sense of that insanity.

As reported at Breitbart, police in New York City expressed frustration about not being able to stop naked panhandlers from harassing the public because most of them are illegal aliens.

Their status makes it difficult to enforce tickets because of Mayor de Blasio’s sanctuary city policies.

The city established “Designated Activity Zones” (DAZ) in 2016 to provide a place for “costumed characters” to work for tips.

Some of these panhandlers, called desnudas, are nude women wearing painted on costumes. Law enforcement officers frequently decline to ticket panhandling violations because most of them are illegals.

Honestly, this is almost too perfect a representation of the city for tourists to see. Naked illegals begging for tips…sums things up pretty nicely.

A recent proposal to license desnudas and other street merchants was shot down by leftists because “most of the panhandlers are illegal immigrants and they wouldn’t register anyway,” a law enforcement source told the New York Post. 

Besides, the administration at City Hall isn’t interested in going after illegals in this capacity.”


Reports show that since the creation of the special DAZ, police have, on average, only issued a single ticket a day, despite what officers’ claim to be “flagrant flouting” on behalf of the many “performers.”

The Times Square Alliance said that it observed the DAZs between 45th and 47th streets from four to 9pm, several weeks ago. Observing 20 workers, they saw 418 character-initiated encounters and found that 67 per cent of them happened outside a DAZ.

Which means lots of violations are occurring. On top of that, there’s the violation of being in the country illegally, which isn’t considered in NYC.

This is what happens to a city when it opens the gates to illegals and radical leftist policies:

You get a bunch of naked, talentless hacks parading around and harassing folks as they go about their day. How is this okay, in any civilization anywhere?

Source: Breitbart

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