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Nancy Pelosi Tries To Lecture Us On American History – It Was The Biggest Mistake Of Her Career

Nancy Pelosi should retire.

Actually, she should have retired when the Democratic Party lost its majority in the House under her leadership as Speaker.

On the other hand, the House Minority Leader makes so many gaffes and makes herself look so ridiculous, that perhaps conservatives should hope she remains in that position for years to come.

Mind you, she has some competition for chief buffoon of the House from folks like the preposterous Maxine Waters, but so far she seems to have a lock on that spot.

Clearly neither she nor her staff are capable or willing to research the sources she uses for her remarks. And she acts as though she knows American history when that is clearly untrue.

Her latest gaffe was to read, with great emphasis, an essay about the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

The problem was the essay had circulated on social media and had been thoroughly discredited, something Nancy missed, again securing her position as lead buffoon.

“Pelosi attempted to educate about the co-signers of the document at an event featuring a new legislative package by Senate Democrats; instead, she accidentally read a discredited essay that was circulating on social media on Independence Day.

‘The Price They Paid,’ by Gary Hildreth, was debunked for numerous factual errors by Snopes and the Connecticut Star, and is only shared now as a over-dramatized tale meant to honor the heroes who founded our country.

Snopes debunks at least 11 obvious errors in the essay, while Brooke Harlowe, a professor at Susquehanna University, delves deeper into the errors, calling the piece a ‘good story but an inaccurate portrayal of our founders.’

In her position she clearly has an extensive staff.

Is no one assigned to review the accuracy of the information on which she makes decisions and give speeches?

Are they just too busy hanging around her suite of offices, too impressed with their positions to actually do anything useful? Because they just failed her miserably.

Proving that American History and fact-checking are not her strong suits, this is not the first time she’s pulled a stunt like this.


This is almost as bad as that time Pelosi read words from the Declaration of Independence at a conference thinking it was the Constitution.

How is this woman still in power? Seriously?

Well, Mrs. Pelosi remains a valuable asset to the Republican party in that she is SUCH a laughingstock.

If one believes that the Republicans have a much better approach to governing, then the confusion she injects into the Democratic agenda through her incompetence is a definite boon.

I say she sticks around…nobody steps in it as often as clueless liberals, and Pelosi is Queen Clueless.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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