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Nancy Pelosi Asked Americans ONE Question…She Did NOT Expect What Happened Next!

The Obamacare debate continues to rage.

The Trump administration swears it’ll issue a full repeal and replacement this year, and they’re already working on amending the latest offering.

Damn good thing, too.

Thing is, the people still supporting this monstrosity continue to believe Obamacare rescued millions from terrible conditions.

But the truth is, this applies only to those who were paying little to nothing due to their simultaneous enrollment in Medicaid (and this is why food stamp recipients grew exponentially under Obama).

These same people supporting Obamacare ignore the millions who were literally ABANDONED by healthcare insurers and left without any insurance because the costs rose faster than the national debt.

Because many of these people were already “wealthy” (in the minds of Leftists, that’s anybody who owns an SUV or minivan and is steadily employed in the suburbs) the Left chose to disregard their plight and chalk it up to a “necessary evil”.

Now, Nancy Pelosi wants to know what Americans think…and the responses are predictable to everyone with a brain. But to her, she’s probably shocked.

Allen B. West:

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has pretty much been in love with Obamacare since the moment the tome was slammed down on her desk, despite not being able to tell you a single thing that was in it.

Yes, the whole idea of the government slowly but surely taking over healthcare and mutating into a single-payer system is an infatuation for many like Pelosi, and this bill was one of the first steps in that direction, which is one reason she fought so hard to make sure it passed and why she’s dedicating so much time to ensuring it doesn’t get chucked.

Recently, Pelosi took to Twitter to ask folks to share their experiences with the Affordable Care Act as a means of showing why the legislation needs to be protected.

Pelosi wanted feedback on why Democrats must protect Obamacare, but she did not get the answers she was looking for.

The responses were rapid-fire and unrelenting.

The sad and overwhelming truth is that even when the government pretends to do something for the good of all, it ends up becoming a real life disaster.

We are through with the people like Nancy Pelosi defecating on the American people in an effort to push an alt-Left agenda that only seeks to put as many illegals in the voting booth and as many refugees on welfare.

And every time she insults Donald Trump or Republicans, she ends up looking like an absolute nutbar. So unfortunately, the brutal truth she just witnessed on Twitter will likely go unnoticed.

Liberals don’t care about facts. They just want you on their side; if you’re not, you’re an ignorant Neanderthal who doesn’t deserve an opinion in the first place.

Source: Allen B. West

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