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Nancy Pelosi Just Made An EARTH-SHATTERING Confession – The Truth Is OUT!

Remember the famous line in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones asks the government official about the fate of the Ark of the Covenant?

Eaton answers, “We have top men working on it right now.” Jones replies pointedly, “Who?” And Eaton answers, “Top…men.”

Fitting, isn’t it?

When you think about the government, your first thought is double-speak. Your second is obfuscation. Your third is misdirection. Your fourth is flat-out insult and attack, which President Trump has suffered for months.

All three of these seem to be displayed on an almost daily basis with the leadership of the Democratic Party…or should I say, with the lack of leadership? We can’t possibly call Nancy Pelosi a leader anymore, can we?

That woman has either come unhinged or there’s something seriously wrong with her.

But Pelosi was in friendly territory yesterday (thank goodness for her) at CNN with Anderson Cooper. Well, at least she thought she’d be safe from humiliation, but then she spoke.

The Clinton News Network lapdog…I mean, anchor asked, “Who is the leader of the Democrat Party at this time?”

Independent Journal Review:

“She first pointed to Barack Obama, who has mostly been on vacation since leaving office and then to Hillary Clinton, who’s been avoiding the public spotlight until very recently.

Finally, Pelosi said that the Democrats have various leaders in Congress, as well as the governors around the country.

Interestingly enough, she failed to mention new Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez, who is technically one of the many leaders.

Anderson Cooper then pressed the House Minority Leader on the losses they took in Congress.


Pelosi answered vaguely:

‘We have a plan to address that.'”

I imagine in my head Cooper asking, “Who has a plan?” and Pelosi answering, “Top…men.”

Remember when Trump caught Pelosi lying through her teeth? Well, she’s decide that lying doesn’t work so she’s going for misdirection…we think. Hard to say with her.

With so many rising stars in the GOP, it’s certainly hard to imagine the Party of the Jackass being ready for the coming onslaught of Rightwing newbies who will hit the ground running.

And when you factor in, as well, the massive appeal of the Trump children, it’s hard to say when the next viable Liberal will come along and be able to dupe Americans into believing that Trump was Hitler and his children were Saddam Hussein.

Know only that they will try.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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