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Nancy Pelosi Defends Illegals At Press Event – She Can’t Believe What Happens Next

Poor Nancy Pelosi is having a hard time of it.

Maybe she misses the power that came with being Speaker of the House. She could make stupid and inflammatory statements all the time and her pals on the left just had to put up with her.

But now that she’s a minority leader with an outspoken Republican as president, it seems like she’s in a search for relevance.

It’s clear that some of Pelosi’s supposed allies are getting frustrated with her. After all, like Chuck Schumer, and Hillary Clinton, she is yesterday’s leader.

Imagine being a young, energetic, liberal Democrat having to try to get your initiatives past Nancy. Sheer frustration.

Still, Nancy’s supporters would like to think she is championing their cause, untainted by any possible influence by their nemesis, President Trump.

So when Nancy was exposed for the unforgivable sin of discussing the Dreamers with President Trump along with other fellow Democrats, the whole thing blew up in her face, and her reaction is just priceless.

Via BizPac Review:

“A hilarious scene unfolded when Nancy Pelosi was met by angry illegal immigrants outraged that she is working with President Donald Trump to protect them.

“Pelosi was alongside fellow California Reps. Jared Huffman and Barbara Lee at news conference they called to demand President Trump pass the DREAM Act on Monday, CBS SF Bay Area reported.

“‘Our nation’s dreamers are an inspiration to all of us,’ Pelosi said. ‘With their courage and their patriotism.

They embody the promise of America… Of the American Dream… Make American dream again.

“But the niceties didn’t last long.”

“The group was apparently angry that Pelosi and Dem. Sen. minority leader Chuck Schumer have been negotiating with the president on immigration, in order to save the ‘Dreamers’ from deportation.

“The protesters were not interested in any type of negotiation that didn’t result in them getting everything they wanted and conservatives getting nothing.

They must have missed who won the elections in November.”

That conclusion is correct.

Neither Mrs. Pelosi nor Mr. Schumer lead a majority in their respective chambers, hence their titles of minority leader. Plus, the president can block most any legislation that would get passed.

So they have both a political science and a math deficiency.


Apparently, Nancy has a limit to how much abuse she will take even from those who are supposed to be her political allies.

“The group demanded that Pelosi and her fellow reps fight to not have any illegal aliens deported and to stop ‘militarization of the border,’ code for make borders open.

“‘You’ve had your say, and it’s beautiful to our ears,’ Pelosi told the protesters, some of who carried signs that read ‘Democrats are deporters.’

But when the group interrupted her again she got angry.

“‘Stop it!’ she chided the illegal aliens. ‘Just stop it now!’

As funny as it is to see Nancy clash with other liberals, you must begrudgingly giver her a bit of credit.

She treated these protestors for the crybabies that they are, so every once in a great while, Nancy gets it right. Sort of.

Source: BizPac Review

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