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WATCH What Happens When Nancy Pelosi Gets 1 Simple Question She Can’t Answer…

It’s a commonality among liars and evil people.

When asked a question  they cannot immediately answer, they stutter and flail about in search of a viable response.

Nancy Pelosi is quite well-familiar with this type of behavior; every time she’s on her heels, she babbles and stutters.

She isn’t able to handle anything remotely controversial without reverting to her old standby of redirecting away from the question and stumbling through a completely different subject.

And her latest misstep is definitely raising eyebrows.

The Daily Wire:

“She did her same old tired schtick (more on that later), but the highlight of the night was when Jake Lee, a small business owner from West Hollywood, California, stood up to ask a question.

‘Good evening, madam leader. Before the election on November 8, your side of the aisle were asking for the former head of the FBI to resign,’ said Lee.

‘Now that he has been let go, why the sudden and selective outrage from your side of the aisle?’

Pelosi was immediately befuddled.

‘Some people were asking to be let go,’ she said inexplicably (presumably she meant asking that former FBI Director James Comey be let go). But she went on, her hands flailing about wildly and her eyes growing wide as saucers:

‘I said I thought that it wasn’t a good — well suit — he wasn’t well-suited to the heat that comes with the job, but I never said that he should be fired,’ Pelosi said.”

There’s a problem with that. She at least suggested that Comey should be gone, as she said back on November 2: “Maybe he’s not in the right job.”

Furthermore, liberals have had a hell of a time with this whole Comey ordeal, because as usual, they come across looking like the colossal hypocrites they are.

In the end, as much as Pelosi claims Comey wasn’t right for the job, it’s a safe assumption that the same could be said of Nancy.

Source:  The Daily Mail

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