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Nancy Pelosi Caught In Shocking Muslim Scandal – America Demands Answers

An absolutely explosive scandal enveloping numerous Democrats has been simmering below the political surface for many months now.

This story involves the potential infiltration of Congress by several Muslims, all of whom worked for several committees and members doing IT related work.

There’s been a media blackout on the case ever since it came to light, but it’s becoming so huge that they may no longer be able to keep it under wraps.

While dozens of Democrats are involved, those at the center of the storm are Debbie Wasserman Schultz and – wait for it – Queen of Foot-In-Mouth Disease, Leftist nutbar Nancy Pelosi.

The case involves Imran Awan and several of his relatives, who have been under investigation for months for fraud among other things.

Awan had access to Congressional networks and sensitive data from some of the most important committees, including the House Intelligence Committee.

While details are still scant, reports indicate misuse and misappropriation of Congressional computer equipment, including smashing up hard drives and desperate attempts to recover equipment seized from him once investigators closed in.

Now, as reported at the Gateway Pundit, despite being under investigation for months, it wasn’t until Tuesday that Awan was finally fired. Why now?

Well, he was caught trying to flee the country to Pakistan, where he has family and many connections. He also sent hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead of himself. He has been arrested for bank fraud, which is likely the tip of the iceberg.

Despite Pelosi’s claims to have no clue about all this, she’s been caught in the obvious lie thank to the DNC emails leaks, which show she was aware of Awan.

This isn’t especially surprising, seeing how the guy had access to her personal iPad. But just check out this Tweet from WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange:

Yep, a closed-door meeting during which time Awan’s name was mentioned. How deep does this rabbit hole go, anyway?

And if Pelosi is involved, it stands to reason that DNC chair Schultz may have had some inside information as well, which is just beyond despicable.

Sessions should call for a special prosecutor now so we can get to the bottom of this outrageous scandal. Democrats, especially Debbie and Pelosi, are actively covering this up, and the clues are mounting…

They must be stopped before they can pull a Hillary Clinton and wipe away the evidence of their wrongdoing.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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