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Disgusting: Nancy Pelosi Launches SICK Attack Against White House…She’s UNHINGED!

Could Nancy Pelosi be a “White Moronicist”?

If that isn’t a word, it should be.

She has been humiliated so many times it’s an absolute wonder the Democrats haven’t abandoned her. She really stepped in it a few days ago, and that was just another in a long string of embarrassments.

But anyway, back to the “White Moronicist” idea; after all, the seriousness of the charge warrants an investigation, so let’s examine the facts:

Fact #1: Nancy Pelosi has made countless public statements of moron-status or above.

Fact #2: Nancy Pelosi is, by definition, a person whose voice is excruciating to those who do not have dog hearing.

Fact #3: Nancy Pelosi is not skilled in the art of public speaking, particularly when it comes to supplying non-lies or anti-fabrications.

Fact #4: She has power in a state where 1/3 of the population wants to secede from the United States.

…yep. White Moronicist fits. And now that we have established the facts, it’s time to check out the latest of said gaffes that Pelosi appears unable to avoid.

Fox News:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called President Donald Trump’s chief strategist a white supremacist Thursday, saying he has no business serving on the National Security Council.

At her weekly press conference, Pelosi didn’t mention Steve Bannon by name. But she was clearly referring to the former head of Breitbart News, a conservative website.

‘What’s making America less safe is to have a white supremacist named to the National Security Council as a permanent member, while the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the director of national intelligence are told, ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you,’ Pelosi said.

‘It’s a stunning thing,’ she added.”

The issue here, to be serious for one moment, is that Pelosi was embarrassed for her role in the “hot-mic-tell-them-you’re-a-muslim” episode from two days ago.

And, rather than just disappear into your committees and brunches for a couple of days (as is common practice for Establishment GOP leaders), Pelosi makes some outlandish statement in order to “clean the slate” of her moronicism of the days prior.

Breitbart is a much-hated source among Democrats, that’s for sure; hated enough to result in massively violent and insane riots at UC Berkeley, which the FBI is now investigating.

At any rate, this is nothing more than a National Geographic-esque display of Liberals in their natural habitat of idiocracy and moronicism.

And Pelosi is the Den Mother of all Morons.

Source: Fox News

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