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You Won’t BELIEVE What Navy SEALs Just Found On A Beach In Mexico…NASTY!

Mexico has problems. Lots of them.

America has been suffering as a result of those problems and now, one particularly disgusting problem is actually having a negative impact on our border patrol agents and armed forces.

It’s bad enough that border agents are under constant attack, but now Americans have to worry about something else…

When our Navy SEALs were about to embark on some amphibious assault exercises off the coast of California, they were in for a rude awakening.

Geared up and ready to dive, the SEALs were suddenly told to stand down.


It was revealed that the waters in which they were about to submerge themselves were contaminated with raw sewage.

But this raw sewage was not from the United States. In fact, it had been going on for years and Leftists turned a blind eye to it because it came from Mexico.

Conservative Tribune:

“In yet another despicable occurrence ignored by the Mexican government, Border Patrol agents and U.S. Navy SEALs have been adversely affected by massive sewage spills in Mexico that have spread to U.S. waters, the Washington Times reported.

The sewage spills have been so bad, and have gone on for so long, there are now ‘no go’ zones on U.S. soil (primarily in California) where SEALs can’t train for risk of being infected, diseased or worse, because of the sewage.

‘As crude and nasty as this sounds, this is not American sewage, this is Third World sewage,’ said Border Patrol agent Christopher Harris.

‘There’s whole areas now that are biologically and chemically impacted, just like if you had a biological or chemical attack. There are areas that are no-go zones.’

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that Border Patrol agents say the problem is worse now than ever. 


These agents have already been negatively affected by the sewage spills, and it may be years before the true extent of the damage from being exposed to the waste is known.

Illegal immigrants who have been in direct contact with the sewage spills are often apprehended, then exposing the toxic chemicals to U.S. Border Patrol agents.”

The worst part?

There’s a chance these spills are deliberate; i.e., Mexico is doing this on purpose to contaminate U.S. waters. How sick is THAT?

President Trump’s border wall can’t go up fast enough, in our estimation.

Isn’t it funny how Liberals are quick to blame Americans for the ills of the planet, when in fact WE’RE the ones who foot the bill to clean up the rest of the world…?

Sources:  Conservative Tribune, Washington Times

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