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TREASON! News Anchor Says ISIS Should Do THIS To President Trump! This Is SICK!

No, it isn’t funny.

Undoubtedly, MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance will call his disgusting comment a joke but we’re not going to let him get away with it.

No true American would, in fact.

I find it interesting that Democrats and the liberal-leaning mainstream media can crack jokes all they want, and nobody can ever call them on it. After all, Conservatives aren’t allowed to be offended.

On the flip side, every single Conservative joke is put under the insane Leftist microscope and dissected until they find a perceived sexist, racist, feminist, or any other “-ist” offense.

And if we simply speak the truth (like when one news anchor made a very simple and obvious statement about Muslims), we have to reap the whirlwind.

Yeah, well, now it’s MSNBC’s turn to reap.

As spotted by Louder With Crowder, Nance thought it would be funny to post up a Tweet about an ISIS suicide bomber destroying the Trump hotel. Of course, the Tweet was quickly deleted but hey…this is the internet.

Here’s a screen capture:

Can you imagine if anyone ever said anything about ISIS blowing up Barack Obama or an Obama-owned property?

That person would be hunted down and SHOT, if the liberals had their way. But see, the door doesn’t swing both ways in the land of the Uber-Hypocritical Liberal.

They go to protests seeking to “scalp Nazis” and then whine like crybabies when they get smacked. They’re hostile and nasty and the exact opposite of what they propose to stand for, but they’re also experts at playing the victim card.

All I have to say is I hope the Secret Service took notice of this Tweet. And the rest of America should, too.

A major representative of a major news outlet in this country thought this was FUNNY. If you can’t find something critically wrong with that, you’re beyond hope. Oh, and one final thought:


Source: Louder With Crowder

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