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After News Anchor RIPS APART Muslims On Live TV, Liberals Launch MASSIVE Twitter Attack

The left will defend Islamic extremists no matter what. That’s especially strange since they have so little in common.

For example, what are the liberals to say when Muslims throw gays to their deaths from rooftops? How can liberals possibly agree with that?

But hypocrisy and the complete lack of common sense are the two primary hallmarks of today’s liberal.

If you work in the media or in a position that attracts public attention and you make a negative remark about Islam or the acts of some Muslims…well, you’re gonna feel the burn.

No matter how obviously true the statement is, you can count on the left to launch a brutal assault. Such just happened to Fox & Friends’ Jon Scott as he pointed out the clear validity of a Muslim stereotype.

Scott got himself in trouble with the left (always a good sign) when stated the obvious on Fox and Friends.

“They’re gonna run the Boston marathon [today], right? Do we remember who the bombers of the Boston marathon were?

I mean, just an aside to the Muslim community, if you don’t want to be portrayed in a negative light, maybe don’t burn people alive and set off bombs and things like that.

That did it. Light the fuse and stand back. Right on cue, the left went berserk.

While Twitter doesn’t offer much space to comment, note that these attacks are on the messenger with no effort to refute Scott’s point. Not one. Typical.

There are at least two problems at work here.

For one thing, Islamic terrorism is a reality regardless of what one wants to call it, or how the left might try to justify it on the rare occasions they even acknowledge its existence.

The other problem is the lack of bold, forthright, and frequent condemnations of such Muslim violence from the leadership of the Muslim community.

Why doesn’t CAIR state that they are fed up with violent Muslims impugning the integrity of their faith?

Crowder clearly gets it:

“And this was all in the past month. In other words, people associate terrorism with the Muslim community because the Muslim community associates itself with terrorism.

Don’t like it? Then stop doing that.”

Common sense, liberal snowflakes. Look it up.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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